Depth : 246, size : 7, check the regalo Anti-aliased box, highlight Mode Opacity :.
Load the Patterns: Damask Wallpaper regalo pack, and contrucion pick medico the Paint Bucket Tool.This tutorial explains how to regalo use the Bevel and Emboss layer effect, rectangle shape layers, and some simple points tricks to create regalo a 3D-like wrapped gift box.Switch militar the Foreground regalo and Background colors so that the Foreground color is set to White, and make sure that the Highlight para layer is selected now, then create the gradient from the upper edge construcción to the lower one.Once youre done, add points the shadows and highlights just like you did before.The one used here is Brass.This will create smooth shiny edges. Trasferimento di punti (si apre in una nuova finestra).
As regalo for regalo the regalo round corners of the letters, use the Eraser para Tool with a hard round brush to shape the Shadows and para the Highlights if you dont want to create complex selections.
Notice that this rotates the Gradient Overlay as well.
As for the rights años side, just select all the anchor points and move them to the edge.Potete regalo acquistare punti regalo per chiunque possieda un account Finnair Plus.Pick the Gradient Tool, para choose the Foreground hombrede to Transparent fill, and click the Linear Gradient icon in the Options bar.So draw a rectangle on the first letter you have.Step 8 The ribbons still look a bit flat, so para well add años some shadows regalo and highlights to give them depth and dimension.

This will fixed next.
Resize and rotate the bow as you points like, then hit Enter/Return to get out of the Free Transform Mode.
Press Ctrl/Cmd D to get rid of the selection when youre done.