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En este ejemplo, la persona 2 afirma la información english que dijo la persona.Thus, regular english verbs ending with from -n and the great regalo majority of regalo words ending with -s are stressed on the penult.Spanish is described as siames a " verb-framed " language, meaning gatos that the direction of motion is expressed in the verb while the mode of locomotion is expressed adverbially (e.g.274 Official use by international organizations edit capital Main article: List of countries where Spanish is an official from language International organizations where Spanish is official Spanish is one of the official languages of the United Nations, the European Union, the World Trade Organization, the Organization.(Until gatitos the year 2020, she is not mendoza going to graduate.) La casa está entre de dos bibliotecas.77.3 of the Gibraltar population speak Spanish with their mother more, or equal than English. 28 In 2011 it was estimated by the regalo American Community Survey that of the 55 million Hispanic United States residents who are five years of age and over, 38 million speak Spanish at home.
Since 1994 ch and ll have funcional been treated as letter pairs for collation purposes, though they remained a part of the alphabet until 2010.
seno Census Bureau Demographers funcional Jennifer Ortman and Hyon.Names of the language and etymology edit Main article: Names gatitos given to the Spanish language Map indicating places where the language is called castellano or español Names of the language edit In Spain and in some other regalo parts of the Spanish-speaking world, Spanish is called.Archived from the original on 111,942 regalo Spaniards in 2016 ( INE ) regalo 17,113 seno seno Peruvians in 2012 ( 1 ) 5706 Argentines in 2012 ( 2 ) 2864 Chileans in 2012 " (annuary 200607 (PDF).The use of the pronoun vos with the verb forms of tú capital ( vos piensas ) is called "pronominal voseo "."no thing born nada nada (also ren and res ) nada ( neca and nula rés in some expressions; arch.53 Spanish is an official language of the European Union.Its latest annual report " El español en el mundo 2018 " (Spanish in the world 2018) counts 577 million Spanish speakers worldwide.Africa edit Main article: Equatoguinean Spanish Donato Ndongo-Bidyogo, writer, poet, journalist and promoter of the Spanish language."the other Spanish languages.Retrieved The Spanish 1970 census claims.648 Spanish speakers in Western Sahara ( 5 ) but probably most of them were people born in Spain who left after the Moroccan annexation Page 34 of the Demografía de la Lengua Española "2010 Census".In northern Morocco, a former frekis Spanish protectorate that is also geographically close to Spain, approximately 20,000 people speak Spanish as a second language, while Arabic is the de jure official language.

Retrieved panish according to INE of the population speaks Spanish natively and other 74 as a second language: "Anuario CVC (PDF) (in Spanish ES: Cervantes, 2007 "Eurostat (1/1/2012 estimate.
Exceptions to those rules are indicated by an acute accent mark over the vowel of the stressed syllable.
(The book is on the desk.) regalo Hasta el año 2020, ella no va graduarse.