This update also includes the your following changes: Hungry Games- Items now spawn at "GO!" instead of in the middle of the countdown.
Daddy daddy Yankee, el Cartel: The Big Boss, who's Your Daddy?Head Camera and regalo Tablet your - This is regalo a set of two regalo items regalo which allows a Baby to be monitored cuenta by cuenta a Daddy by placing a camera around a Baby's head.Occlusion Culling improved - should see fps boosts in certain bufandas areas of the house.V1.8.0, this update features two new items!Functionality of Custom/Private Daddy's Nightmare games is now working as expected.Daddy Yankee - Who's your Your Daddy?Strange Rubber Hat no regalo longer causes crouching issues.Daddy can no longer "Prone-Phase" through walls. Outdoor Grill chetadas no longer requires a pan and now cuenta lights.
V2.0.0, baby Challenges Added!This prevents them from muchas regalo picking up any items for 30 seconds.10 new single player challenges to colecion be completed exclusively by the Baby!Pets now spawn in splitscreen, daddy can no longer "prone-phase" through walls while going backwards.1.4.0, trophy Room vent is now working as intended (Puts you outside instead of cabeza in downstairs bathroom).Fixed cuenta an issue where regalo characters cabeza did not alternate in Family Gathering mode.Butter - Butter can be used by both Daddies and Babies to cuenta cover another players fingers in butter.1.7.5, a new game mode has made its way to Who's Your Daddy!Daddy's Nightmare objects only spawn during Daddy's regalo Nightmare now.This new mode, Daddy's Nightmare, features a dark, spooky cuenta version of the family home where the dad must get the power turned back on by filling the generator with gasoline, or by hiding and surviving from the deadly little creatures taking colecion claim of his hard-earned.Battery Box is now movable.Baby cuenta Restrainy cuenta no longer causes baby to freeze on dad's screen.

Strange your Rubber Hat no longer interacts physically with in-game objects.
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