There are agradecimiento two intro cinematics that you regalo can watch on the Fleet one for swtor Republic, one for Empire.
FQN: cann_light empress_acina, empress Acina, the Wisest regalo of the Sith.
The regalo following images are from BioWares news article about the Nightlife 2019 event regalo and preview some of the many regalo items the vendors are willing to swtor trade for tokens.
You can expect similar to para last years Gamorrean companion.While the rest of the Dark Council fought the Eternal Empire-and each other-Darth Acina was smart enough to step cuenta aside and patiently wait for the right moment to make her move.FQN: cann_dark arcann_light, arcann.In some very rare cases (5 chance) you might get two chips back instead of one.The favorita event offers three types of rewards earned by playing the slots, purchased from the vendors and Achievements.FQN: ghtsaber_ngle_target_taunt Personal Threat 980 12s instant 30 regalo m Mass Force Pull Fires a multi-grapple regalo line that fires in a wide cone in front of the companion and pulls the closest three targets and generates a high amount of threat.Targets may only swtor be affected by the Dark Tempest once regalo every 30 seconds. How long until the regalo crafty Devaronian finds himself climbing up the galaxys most wanted list again is cuenta anyones guess.
On their homeworld, they live cuentyas in cuentyas clans, where the male boars serve exclusively as warriors while the female sows tend the day-to-day affairs like farming, raising young and crafting weapons.Its sole intent is to regalo support players of cuentyas Star Wars: The facebook Old Republic (swtor) and make their gameplay more enjoyable.Dps.unique_aoe_attack cuentyas Ground Strike 980.5s cuentas instant 4 millonaria m Force Crush Drains the target by dealing 1 weapon damage over a 10 second duration and causing the target to become sundered.Attributes Metadata Used in conditions cuentyas This companion is referenced in the following conditions to check if the condition is met.Also reinforces the companion by placing an absorb shield that absorbs a moderate amount of damage.Vectron BWL Wraith mount and a new, rodian Companion.Having the Feeling Lucky buff will slightly increase your chances of getting the cool stuff.Cartel market certificates The Cartel cuentyas Market Certificates can soldado now drop from the in-game slots when the Nightlife event is running.

Thanks to Lickmycrit for the screenshot and the info on this one.
When his new employer mysteriously vanished, Gault went back to doing what he does best: making money and getting into trouble.
The Redeemed Tyrant, arcann began his brutal reign with the assassination regalo of his own father before spreading untold death and suffering throughout the galaxy.